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What payment methods can I use?

We accept all debit and credit cards which are either Visa or Mastercard, and have 3D secure enabled. 3D secure authenticates the cardholder performing the transaction by requiring the user to complete a verification step, either by entering a password associated with the card, authenticating via a banking app or receiving an OTP.

If you are unsure whether your card is 3D secure, please contact your bank.

International Cards

We can accept payment using an international bank card (non-South African), however as above, this card must be 3D secure enabled. Most European banks have this in place, however many American and African banks are yet to implement this method of authenticating.


Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept payment via EFT. This is becuase we must have a card on file to charge for your prescribed medication once you have had your consultation, in order for your prescription to be processed.


Unfortunately we cannot accept any other methods of payment including cash on delivery. All payments must be made via our platform in order for an order and a prescription to be generated.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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