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Can I get a prescription for my existing brand of erectile dysfunction medication through Contro's service?

Yes! We currently offer over 10 brands and strengths of prescription erection dysfunction treatment via our Partner Pharmacy.

As an existing user or ED medication, you will still be required to complete our secure online health questionnaire and have a once-off virtual consultation with one of our Partner Doctors in order for them to generate a new prescription for you. When completing your health assessment you will have the opportunity to request your existing brand. Your assigned Partner Doctor may ask a few extra health questions during your virtual consultation before confirming your prescription.

If our Partner Pharmacy does not have stock of your current medication, our Partner Doctor will ensure they find the best alternative for you.

During your Contro consultation with your assigned Partner Doctor, you can ask any questions you may have about erectile dysfunction treatment!

Contro does not provide medical advice. All the above information has been verified and checked by our Partner Doctors.

Kindly note, we are unable to import external prescriptions through our platform as all prescriptions are submitted by our Partner Doctors and are processed internally via our system.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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