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How do I update my card details and payment method?

To update your saved card details:

Login to your account.
Navigate to “Payment Details” from the main menu to take you to your payment details page.
Click the blue "Update" button to enter your new card details.
Click the green "Pay Now" button to register the new card details.
You will be charged R1 to authenticate your new card details which will be refunded once the update is successful.

To update your preferred payment method:

If you are a medical aid customer looking to switch from "cash" payments to medical aid payments, you can:

Enter your medical aid details as shown on your medical aid card.
Proceed to select the blue "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to set your account to medical aid payments going forward.
Your dependent code usually refers to the member number, as an example, if you are the main and only dependent then your code would be 00

Kindly Note: The service fee payments are not covered by medical aid providers just yet, however, this is something we are working on implementing to our platform. Your medication costs would then be claimed from your medical aid provider once your order has been processed successfully.

Please note, any updates will only come into effect from your next order's repeat or medication payment. It is important to ensure all payment and medical aid information is updated before your orders are due to be processed to prevent any errors or delays with your orders.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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