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Can I receive an invoice for my medical aid/insurance provider?

Unfortunately, the medical aid/insurance providers will not cover our service fees at this time. This is because the 'consultation' falls under Contro's service fee rather than a GP consultation fee paid directly to the doctor, which the medical aid/insurance scheme would then reimburse.

This is why we show that the price is still R300 for once-off services and R150/month for subscription services on our website for those with medical aid or insurance.

You can, however, use your medical aid scheme to cover the cost of your prescribed medication. Please add your medical aid details to your profile and our Partner Pharmacy will make the claim for your prescribed medication in your next order.

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Independent claims

If you wish to independently claim for your prescribed medication, you will receive an invoice from our Partner Pharmacy with your medication. Whether this will contain sufficient information for your claim is dependent on your scheme, but it will contain the details of your prescribed medication, the price paid, the name of your prescribing doctor and the dispensing pharmacy's information.

However, please note, we cannot provide any further details than contained in this invoice, and we cannot send you a copy of your prescription.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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