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What are the common symptoms of cold's and flu?

Cold's & Flu

The symptoms of the common cold are usually milder than symptoms of the flu. Those with signs of a cold are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose and generally does not result in serious health problems.

Symptoms of flu can include:
- Fever
- Feverish / Chills
- Cough
- Sore throat
- Runny / Stuffy nose
- Muscle / Body aches
- Headaches and fatigue (tiredness).

How long does cold symptoms last for?
Cold symptoms usually last for a week. During the first 3 days is when you are typically most contagious.

How long does flu symptoms last for?
Symptoms typically improve over 2-5 days, however, it is not uncommon to feel run down for a week or more.

It is best to contact a GP for further information and medical advice regarding your symptoms. At first signs of either a cold or flu, it's best to book a consultation to ensure you receive treatment before symptoms and signs progress. Our Partner Doctors are here to help, sign-up here to chat to one of the doctor's and receive your prescription via email along with a doctor note if you require one!

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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