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What are the common symptoms of certain skin conditions?

Skin Conditions

Our Partner Doctors are able to treat a number of skin conditions that falls part of our GP service. Below is a list of the conditions that our Doctor's can treat along with a list of possible symptoms and signs as indicators:


What is Eczema and the causes of this?
Eczema is a skin condition caused by a number of factors, including genetics, low immune systems and environmental triggers, such as allergies. Eczema is best described as a inflammation of the skin and usually appears as a red, itchy rash or dry patch. Eczema is slightly more unpredictable and can flare up at any point. You may find Eczema is triggered when stressed, have an allergy, or not enough sleep.

What does treatment include for Eczema?
Treatment may include emollient-rich creams designed to calm down the inflammation of skin and soothe itching. In more severe cases, steroid creams may be prescribed by a doctor. On a day-to-day basis, it is best to avoid products containing fragrance and harsh ingredients.


What is Ringworm and the causes of this?
Ringworm is a rash caused by a fungal infection. It is usually itchy, circular rash with clearer skin in the middle. Ringworm gets it's name because of it's appearance, no worm is involved. Ringworm is typically related to the similar fungal family found with athlete's foot, jock-itch and ringworm of the scalp.

Symptoms of Ringworm can include:
- Scaly ring shaped area on the buttocks, trunk, arms and legs.
- Itchiness
- Possible scattering of bumps
- Slightly raised expanding rings
- Round flat patch of itchy skin
- Overlapping rings.

What does treatment include for Ringworm?
Mild ringworm often responds to antifungal creams applied to areas of the skin. In some cases, anti-fungal pills are taken in treatment course.


What is Jock-Itch and the causes of this?
Jock-Itch is a fungal infection that causes an itchy rash in warm, moist areas of the body. The rash often affects the groin and inner thighs and may be shaped as a ring (much as Ringworm). The condition is also known as tinea cruris.

Symptoms of Jock-Itch can include:
- Spreading rash in crease of groin that can move down to upper thighs and buttocks.
- Rash that the centre clears as rash spreads and may be boarded by small bumps or blisters.
- Itchiness
- Scaly skin

Treatment is much the same as antifungal creams as well as tablets in treatment courses.

Athletes Foot

Athlete's foot (tinea pedis) is a fungal skin infection that usually begins between the toes. It commonly occurs in people whose feet have become very sweaty while confined within tight-fitting shoes. Signs and symptoms of athlete's foot include an itchy, scaly rash. The condition is contagious and can be spread via contaminated floors, towels or clothing. Athlete's foot is closely related to other fungal infections such as ringworm and jock itch and can be treated with antifungal medications.

Symptoms of Athletes Foot can include:
- Scaly, peeling or cracked skin between the toes
- Itchiness, especially right after taking off shoes and socks
- Inflamed skin that might appear reddish, purplish or grayish, depending on your skin color
- Burning or stinging
- Blisters
- Dry, scaly skin on the bottom of the foot that extends up the side.

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Updated on: 26/02/2024

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