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How to skip my period for special occasions?

Can I skip my period for special occasions?

We understand that sometimes you may want to skip your period for a special event such as a wedding, that special date night or a beach holiday.

Our Partner Doctors recommend taking birth control for at least one full cycle before trying to skip your period and recommend contacting your existing primary doctor to ensure that you can skip your periods as they will have your medical history on file, and will be in a better position to advise you.

It is completely safe to skip your period if you are on the combined pill by skipping the inactive pills in your previous pack and starting a new pack of active pills straight away.

However, you cannot skip your period if you have been prescribed and are taking Progestogen-only birth control pills.

It is common for women to experience irregular spotting the first time they skip their period with birth control. Though this is lighter than a regular period, it still can be unwanted.

If you are currently on our birth control subscription plan, please contact our Customer Care Team through the blue chatbox or email our team at and let them know that you’ll be intending to skip your period, and we’ll arrange for delivery of your medication earlier.

Contro does not provide medical advice. All the above information has been verified and checked by our Partner Doctors.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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