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How much does Contro’s Birth Control service cost?

Birth Control Treatment Costs:

A virtual Birth Control treatment consultation with one of our Partner Doctors costs R150. This includes all doctor’s fees, prescription fees and free delivery.

After a successful consultation, cash customers will additionally be charged for their prescribed medication.
The treatment price will vary and will depend on which medication(s) your assigned Partner Doctor prescribes you.
Our Partner Doctors will always try work within your budget and ensure you get the best possible treatment available.

Cash Customers

The total cost for cash customers starts from R260 - R430 per month depending on your diagnosis and prescribed medication.

Medical Aid Customers

The total cost for medical aid customers is R150 per month, depending if your medical aid scheme covers your prescribed medication.

If you are uncertain if your medical aid provider will cover the cost for your medication, our Partner Pharmacy will attempt your medical aid claim on your behalf and we will then let you know if this is successful or not. If your claim is not successful, you can opt to pay privately for your medication.
Kindly note, the service fee (R150) is not covered by medical aid providers, so this fee will need to be paid privately via the saved card details listed on your profile.

The total cost is inclusive of the service fee and prescribed medication. This is a starting point price and should be used as an estimate only. Your treatment cost will vary and will depend on the assigned doctor's diagnosis of your symptoms. Our Partner Doctors will always try to work within your budget while ensuring you receive the most effective treatment.

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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