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Can I change my delivery address?

If you have not yet paid for your prescribed medication, you can change your delivery address on your profile. Please see How do I update my delivery address?. Please ensure you have the correct address on your profile at the time you are charged for your medication - if you are yet to have your once-off consultation, this will be once your consultation has finished, if you are a subscriber, this will be on your monthly repeat date.

Subscribers will receive a 48 hours reminder email each month before their repeat date. Please ensure your delivery address is updated before your repeat date.

Please note you are, unfortunately, unable to make changes to your delivery address once payment has been received and you have received your Payment Confirmation email (invoice) from Contro.

We can only attempt to re-route your delivery once it has been returned to our partner pharmacy's distribution warehouse by the assigned courier company which can take up to a further 3 business days. Re-routing your order will cause significant delays of your prescribed medication and you will not receive your delivery within our 1 -3 business day policy.

Please ensure your delivery address is correct at the time of payment and you are available at the address to sign for your order.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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